Post-doctoral fellow, Kathryn Hayward visiting stroke research labs around the world

cropped-Hayward_Headshot-150x150.jpgDr. Kathryn Hayward recently has been awarded a Fostering Future Leaders Grant from the stroke foundation (Australia) which will allow her to further develop collaborations with renown stroke researchers around the world. Dr. Hayward will visit London, Melborne and Auckland. In London she will work with Nick Ward and Cathy Price at University College London Institute of Neurology. Dr. Ward has expertise in the use of both functional and resting state MRI to understand the functional integrity within the brain and the translation of findings to improve clinical practice.  Professor Cathy Price developed the PLORAS study for predicting recovery of language after stroke, which incorporates lesion location and functional integrity.  In Auckland she will meet with Cathy Stinear and Winston Byblow who have developed the PREP algorithm for predicting upper limb recovery after stroke, which relies on measures of structural brain integrity derived from transcranial magnetic stimulation and diffusion weighted MRI. Dr. Hayward will also travel to the labs of Dr. Amy Brodtmann and Dr. Julie Bernhardt to discuss the development of a NHMRC project grant. Dr. Brodtmann  is a neurologist and world leader in the use of neuroimaging to understand recovery after stroke. Dr. Bernhardt is  head of the Stroke division and leads the AVERT Early Intervention Research Program. AVERT is the largest, international, acute stroke rehabilitation trial ever conducted.

These visits will allow Dr. Hayward to develop a competitive NHMRC Project Grant to understand the biomarkers of recovery in a cohort of individuals with severe upper limb impairment.





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