Kate Hayward completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) at James Cook University (Australia) and her PhD at The University of Queensland (Australia). Kate’s graduate work built upon her clinical experience and focused on people with severe upper limb paresis after stroke. Here, she evaluated the use of novel training interventions (e.g., SMART Arm, outcome-triggered electrical stimulation), along with identifying clinical factors associated with functional recovery. To extend on her graduate work in people with severe paresis, Kate joined the Brain Behaviour Lab at UBC to use multimodal neuroimaging to explore the dynamic capacity of the severely damaged brain and identify possible brain-derived factors associated with functional recovery. Her postdoctoral work aims to unpack ‘who recovers’, ‘who does not recover’, and ‘why’ when severe upper limb paresis is present after stroke. The outcomes of her research will be used to inform the development of novel training interventions to promote optimal upper limb recovery after severe stroke.