The Brain Behaviour Laboratory is located in the UBC Hospital on the third floor of the Koerner Pavilion. The lab consists of 1500 sqf of research space divided into two quiet cognitive testing rooms, a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Lab, research trainee office space and a behavioral testing unit. The lab is equipped with:

  • Motor and cognitive testing equipment
  • Paired pulse and rapid rate TMS units and a BrainSight co-registration system
  • Delsys 8-channel EMG to index motor responses
  • Behavioral testing apparati for indexing function after stroke, Parkinson’s disease and in children with developmental disabilities
  • Computer systems for processing behavioral, functional magnetic resonance imaging and TMS data
  • 2-channel EMG system linked to the TMS to allow simultaneous recording of TMS and MEPs
  • 32-channel EEG system and 1-channel electrical stimulator for SEPs